Cattleya trianae Cashen’s’ FCC/AOS

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Well Terry,
It gets it's splashes from C.trianaei 'Mary Fennell' HCC/AOS, a parent of 'Cashen's'. by the way 'Cashen's' is ('B' x 'Mary Fennell' HCC/AOS).
C.trianaei 'Mary fennell' is a jungle plant collected by the american plant hunter Lee Arthur Fenell, of the Fenell Orchid Jungle, Homestead, FL.
It was brought from Colombia to the US in the early 20th century and was considered the very best dark variety. despite it's age, there are still virus free original pieces of it because it was naturalized on trees at the Fennell Orchid Jungle while it was still clean.

Jerry Fischer treated some of his selfing of 'Cashen's' with Colchicine to increase the ploidey. it produced a fine variety he calls 'Hyperion' it's too bad it probably won't breed due to it's ploidey.

Thanks, Patrick. Jerry sent me photos of ‘Hyperion’. It was my suggestion for the naming of the cultivar, Hyperion being the name of a Greek titan. I have not asked him whether it would breed.

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