C. Bob Betts 'The Virgin' FCC/AOS

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Feb 1, 2019
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Just in time for Easter, historically the biggest day for orchid corsages, an individual from one of the most significant grexes of classic white corsage cattleyas has come into bloom on my windowsill, cattleya Bob Betts 'The Virgin' FCC/AOS. Only one flower this year, and it's a mess in terms of form, but it smells absolutely incredible. Last year the petals at least stayed somewhat flat, even though the sepals still curled backwards (link HERE). This is an original division of the awarded plant (awarded its FCC in 1960), and to be honest I have been somewhat disappointed in the flower quality under my conditions the past two years especially given it was awarded an FCC in 1960, when the bar had already been set impossibly high. It's a big rambling plant, so I may be looking to re-home it in the near future. Anyway, it's making for a cheerful sight and smell in my living room this Easter.IMG_9099.JPGIMG_9120.JPGIMG_9107.JPG
touch of sunburn?
Guilty, I was hoping I could get more flowers by pushing the light levels. I may haven been too aggressive and stressed the plant a bit, which could explain the poorer flowering this year.
a classic...even if not its best blooming. I have a bunch of the classic whites including several Bob Betts and for most part they bloom a bit variably for me. sometimes fantastic, sometimes not as good. Probably my own culture. maybe too dry at times.