C. Joyce Hannington 'SOG'

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Feb 1, 2019
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Blooming ~8 months since its previous bloom, this is the other celebrity white cattleya from 1945, C. Joyce Hannington (C. Barbara Dane x C. Snowdon) registered by E.B. Dane. Like C. Bow Bells, which was also registered in 1945, Joyce Hannington became an important breeder for a new generation of white cattleyas. Most famously it is one of the parents of the widely grown Waldor grex C. Nancy Off (C. Bebe White x C. Joyce Hannington) from 1956. This particular plant is a virus-free division of the individual 'Shore Orchid Growers', and it was used extensively in their cut flower production. The form, substance, and presentation on this blooming are so much improved over its last blooming (LINK). If I hadn't grown the plant myself, I wouldn't believe they are even the same. The growth that produced these two flowers is significantly larger and fatter than the previous growths. It's incredibly fragrant to boot. In my opinion, this is the best of the classic whites I've bloomed this winter in terms of flower quality. It boggles my mind that this plant escaped the 1940s and 50s without an AOS award!
At home on the windowsill:
With C. Bob Betts 'The Virgin' FCC/AOS, given these bloomings, its hard to believe the Bob Betts has an FCC and the Joyce Hannington is unawarded...
Did you know you can get it awarded even today? Bring it to judging… you’d be surprise what an heirloom Cattleya of this caliber can do these days!
Judging was on Saturday, oops, I guess it’s going to have to wait until next year. Maybe I can get it up to three flowers, I think that would help it’s chances.