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Feb 1, 2019
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One of my absolute favorite plants, C. Joyce Hannington 'Shore Orchid Growers' from 1945. The cross is C. Barbara Dane x C. Snowdon and was registered by Ernest Blaney Dane of Chestnut Hill, MA. Together with C. Bow Bells, this grex transformed white cattleya breeding by significantly improving form and substance. There are 18 AOS quality awards to the grex and 95 F1 offspring according to Orchid Pro. This years blooming does not quite have the form and shape of the previous blooming (see HERE) although it does have a nice tall dorsal sepal. The flower crowding is my fault, as I moved the plant during bud development to avoid the plague of bud blasting I've been fighting against this year. The fragrance is absolutely incredible, it completely fills my apartment and is almost overpowering. A short, chunky plant, it's been a reliable bloomer on my windowsill and doesn't take up nearly as much space as some of the classic white catts although the flowers are nearly 18cm in NS.

Together with my other heirloom white in bloom, C. Tiffin Bells 'Orchidglade' AM/AOSbIMG_1491.jpg

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