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Feb 1, 2019
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One of the treasures of my collection, this is a division of Cattleya Joyce Hannington 'Shore Orchid Growers' (C. Barbara Dane x C. Snowdon). Registered by Dane in 1945, the same year as the other famous white, Cattleya Bow Bells, this is an original division of the plant that served as the backbone of cut-flower production at Shore Orchid Growers of New Jersey in the 50s and 60s. Joyce Hannington was the daughter of the head grower at the Dane Estate in Chestnut Hill, MA. Along with Cattleya Bow Bells, Cattleya Joyce Hannington revolutionized white cattleya breeding, and it is probably best known as one of the parents of the famous Nancy Off grex produced by Waldor Orchids. Only one flower on the plant this blooming, but it is huge (would be almost 18cm if it didn't curl back slightly) and it is blooming out of season as it's normally a fall/early winter white. I love how much deep orange there is on the lip, and the classic cattleya fragrance from this single flower is almost overpowering - it can really fill a room in the early morning.
Joyce Hannington black.jpgJoyce Hannington lip.jpgJoyce Hannington white.jpgJoyce Hannington.jpgJoyce Hannington 2.jpg

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