C. Helen P. Dane 'Magnifica' AM/AOS

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Feb 1, 2019
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The fall cattleya season in my grow area arrives each year with this grand dame, Cattleya Helen P. Dane 'Magnifica' AM/AOS. Registered by E.B. Dane in 1941 and named for his wife, this particular plant won its AM in 1949, the cross is Cattleya Barbara Dane x Cattleya Edithiae var alba. An original division from Jeff Bradley, this is a reliable bloomer and my best blooming of it so far (Here are flowerings from 2022 and 2021). C. Helen P. Dane is notable because it is a standard white cattleya hybbrid that predates the registration of Cattleya Bow Bells (Cattleya Edithiae var alba x Cattleya Suzanne Hye) which wasn't registered until 1945. However, I like to think there is a familial resemblance since the Edithiae var. alba used to produce both the Helen P Dane and Bow Bells grexes was the famous stud 'White Empress FCC/RHS'.
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