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I tried PM, didn’t seem to work. Maybe you have it set to not to allow messages.

There is a Father’s Day code for 10% off. DADDY

I sent you a PM, only 3 left on their website, didn’t want you to lose out Incase it net your standards.
yes, personal message.

It’s under your account —> privacy.

So you would need to click on your icon / picture then select the privacy settings. Scroll down and find the ‘Allow Users to’ .. multiple pull down settings. And change the ‘Start conversations with you’ to your preference. I have it set to members only.
If that is set already then something else is going on and it could be a bug.
Got it. Thank you
I would like to order paphiopedilum stonei album and P hennisianum album. Maybe you didn't receive my email (spam). How many does the plants cost? In case you don't want to sell. How about swapping e.g.
- P tranlienianum album
- P helenae Album
or P henryanum Album

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Elite Orchids
Elite Orchids
sorry for the delay in responding to you email, it is a holiday here in the UK and we have been swamped - apologies. send us pics of your plants, i have most of the ones mentioned, but if the flowers are particularly nice.......maybe
I was able to get a division of ’Kathleen’ from Orchids Ltd. I talked to Jerry and he had a smaller division that was within my range. I’m thrilled as it is a division of the original awarded plant from years ago, not a clone. Now to keep it alive!!
Hi Leslie, if possible could you please to communicate with me through E mail. If yes, send me the first please, this is my address. alexis.suarez6804202@gamail.com
I am writing to you from Cuba.
Thank you in advance.
Hi Alex, send me an email to: