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Found an Eric Young post from you. I’m in Louisville and looking at buying one. How do you grow yours here in the Bluegrass State? I have a covered porch Facing SW.
hi Jpaph
I am in trying to gather a group of slippertalk members who are willing to help.
Phred highly recommended you. Please see this thread
I hope you can lend a helping hand.
Either way that you will decide , thanks for considering
I would be glad to grow a flask out. My address is 1851 Burkholder Cir E Jacksonville, Fl 32216. Just let me know how you want me to pay shipping cost. Thanks, J
Since I will cover all the reflasking fees, I will only provide him a list of names & addresses so he could contact the growers directly when the seedlings grow big enough and ready for deflask. At that point everyone just pay him the shipping cost directly (which I don't think it will be a large amount)