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ST Supporter

I will share flasks with you ... I’ll get Popow to ship to you in a couple years if viable Dec 8, 2019

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    1. Don I
      Don I
      Hi Dr. Ee In regards to the Paph. villosum 'Stephen Manza' AM/AOS I will be at the SOOS show on Fri Feb. 7 around noon to help with the set up of the COOS display. If you can't be there is there some one ypu can suggest that I could leave the plant with that you could pick it up from.
      Don Ingram Email: Cell: 226-332-0287
    2. DrLeslieEe
      I will share flasks with you ... I’ll get Popow to ship to you in a couple years if viable
    3. DrLeslieEe
      Dr Leslie Ee, 15 Dundonald St, Suite 1902, Toronto, Canada M4Y 1K4
    4. DrLeslieEe
      Sending a pollen through mail is ok
    5. Carper
      No, I'm in the UK. Just curious with all the regulation going on.
    6. Carper
      Hi, I have read your post reply with regards to breeding with my fairrieanum. This is the first flowering and I wondered if it might drain the plant this early. I have never done this and wouldn't even know if it is OK to get the pollen from you or me to send it to you. Is it legal for example? It might be a better idea if possible if I sent the pollen to you if I can? Any advice would be good. Regards, Gary
      1. DrLeslieEe
        Hi Gary, pollen is ok to ship usually. Are you in US?
        Dec 8, 2019
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