Cattleya Bob Betts 'The Virgin' FCC/AOS

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Feb 1, 2019
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C. Bob Betts is C. Bow Bells x C. mossiae and was registered by Clint McDade of Rivermont Orchids in 1950. I'm not sure which C. Bow Bells was used to make the original grex, but many suspect the mossiae used was actually a C. gravesiana (C. lueddemanniana x C. mossiae). According to the AOS Heritage Auction catalog, 'The Virgin' was not from the original grex, but from a sibling cross done later by McDade at Rivermont using C. Bob Betts '52' x C. Bob Betts 'Rivermont'. I don't know if '52' is still around, but Bob Betts 'Rivermont' is still floating around in collections. 'The Virgin' was awarded a 91 point FCC in 1960 to George Cutler. This is certainly not an FCC flowering - the sepals are extremely recurved, but the flowers are HUGE and extremely fragrant. I personally see a lot of mossiae in this flower, particularly with the way the petals fall forward, but maybe I'm just hoping to see that influence.

With C. Bow Bells 'Purity' FCC/AOS. Purity has the better form by far, but the Bob Betts is larger. It will be interesting to see how future blooms compare as the Bow Bells matures.
There is definitely a lot of wonderful mossiae shape in that flower. And if it was x Gravesiana it would have to have been a alba form. So very unlikely.
What happened to the dorsals? Is that the mossiae influence? As I've posted many times, I love white flowers and
will enjoy watching these plants mature.
I’m hoping it’s just this flowering, I have a hard time believing it would have an FCC if it always bloomed like this. I’m still surprised how variable flowerings on the same plant can be from year-to-year. Fingers crossed for the next sheath!
You should put the Bow Bells pollen on Bob Betts and make a crop of FCC José Martí !
Interesting idea, I think there’s only 1 quality award to the cross, so I guess it didn’t surpass either of the parents. I wonder which plants were used to make the original grex?
I don't think McBeans dose much with cattleyas anymore, but maybe you know more about that David?
you’re right, Mcbeans haven’t offered catts for some time,
Yah, That's what I thought. Last time one of my English friends went to McBean's he said that there was mostly Cymbidiums & Odontoglossums also a few Paphiopedilums and Phalaenopsis floating around.