Paphiopedilum Doll's Kobold and a guest

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That's one of the nicest Doll's Kobald I've seen and I love the henryanum too! Thanks for sharing.

I am playing with different color tags to help me manage the collection. For example, green flags are for repotting priority. When I am watering and notice a plant needs to be repotted but don't have time to stop, I put a green tag in the pot to come back later.

At the moment red are divisions, but I will be changing the color. So, I can use red for miscellaneous "needs attention".
I've been doing the same thing, except I've been using the little plastic multicolored party toothpicks they sell in the paper plate section of the grocery store. It works great for marking seedlings as they bloom ( which ones I definitely want to keep, which ones I can give away) plants that have an issue of concern, ect.