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its pretty always been floppy since day one. the roots are healthy and the leaf surface looks good. at first i tried to increase the water thinking dehydration was the issue. however it just seems to be this growth. I will be curious to see if the new growth is floppy or not.
Not to get off topic too much I would just add high nitrogen combined with low light generally gets soft, lush growth.
Mine also has all the leaves upright and not floppy, but my WBW can easily go floppy on its newly developing leaf when it doesn't get watered on its watering day, which is about every two three days.
With that said, I think floppy leaves can be just normal as the growers say here. I have seen it most commonly on bulldog paphs. Some will have leaves floppy no matter what you do and others have no such "issues".
It is not a simple matter of water and light not being ideal. Some will be floppy.
For Tony, I think his plants are well watered. I think fast growing new tender leaves can easily bend over like that due to the weight of itself. As the leaf continue to grow and the tissues become hardened, it may "correct" itself or you can provide a little support to help it stay upright because once bent a leaf can stay bent although not in the same degree.
When mine bloomed last year (from a different line), I was impressed about how tall the spike was and how big the flowers were!
Enjoy the flowers.
By the way, I sent you a PM if you haven't checked yet. ;)

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