Wössner Black Wings

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It was interesting to note that when I put parvi pollen on two of the flowers on mine, the flowers started to wilt in about 3 days. The whole thing, ovary and everything turned brown and fell off in less than one week. I guess it really didn't like the forced arrangements 😂
The flower that was pollinated with your WBW stayed looking fresh for a while. It just dropped off yesterday and the overy is green and plump.
Tony, how long before you plan to harvest the pods on the multi?
I have done some multi x non-multi cross before and I think I let the seed pods develop for about 7-8 months.
Usually seed pods on paphs have taken me about 7-10 months, bulldogs taking the longest.
I basically harvest as soon as there is any change in the color of the seed pod or right before (this based on information of trial from similar hybrids I'd done).
I read somewhere brachys and multis do not take as long but this is assuming you go with green pod sowing method. I saw as early as 4-5 months but too short in my opinion. hate to experiment with the unknown on this plant. 😁

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