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Mar 27, 2020
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So does anyone know if any Rothchildianum and any Stonii together make a lady isobel? One label says Roth 'new valley" which to me, means a named grex rather than just a species orchid. Oh, and great that you have nice firm new leaves.

Yes, any rothschildianum x any stonei makes a Paph. Lady Isabel. Or vice-versa. When you see a name in single quotation marks after a species, it is a clonal name identifying (usually) a better than average plant of a species. It does not mean that it's a hybrid. For example, Paph. stonei 'Select' is just a stonei given an additional name tag.


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Jun 2, 2015
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I've been following this concept for a while. As I understand it, people make hybrids. So they take the hybrid to a show and get an award. If the orchid hybrid is not already named they can name it, if it does not already have a name. So that is where the "Uncle Joe" or, "I named it after my wife," names come in.