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For Sale Paph. Lady Isobel 'Orchid Konnection Too' AM/AOS - original plant with AOS award tag for sale

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May 14, 2017
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Dallas, TX
Good afternoon all,

This offer is for the original plant of Meir Moses' Paph. Lady Isobel 'Orchid Konnection Too' AM/AOS. This was a rescue from the greenhouse after his passing, and I purchased it in rough condition. After several months of TLC the single growth plant is looking much better with active new leaf growth. The plant was awarded in July 2016 (there is an award photo on Orchid Pro- I really like the dorsal) and would normally be several growths by now, so I do not know how I ended up with a single growth plant and the award tag still attached. It is possible the main plant died or that he divided it and sold a division or two- but I just do not know. When it came to me- it was a single growth established in pot, and so all this particular plant had really suffered was dehydration for a few hot weeks in early summer.

Asking $400 plus shipping in the United States, or best reasonable offer received by Saturday May 6th. It is a great flower but not a breeding line I am pursuing, and so eventually it will be a very big plant in a very limited space unless I find it another home.

Following are several photos right after today's watering. The handwriting of the award on the original tag along with the abbreviation OK for Orchid Konnection is consistent with other tags I have seen on awarded plants from his collection.