Red Cattleya, my first AOS award

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Jun 7, 2006
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North Carolina Piedmont
Here is a seedling purchased from SVO a few years ago. I really never figured I would get anything awarded after growing for 48+ years. I was never too motivated to take anything to the judging center as they were always too far away and I simply enjoyed growing and flowering many different types of orchids. Orchid shows are always hit or miss and I have had many plants in exhibits but never the best ones. Well, now living in NC and being closer to a center and having some of my collection housed in a second location all the plants are better taken care of.

So for your viewing pleasure, C. Loud Nine 'Carolina Red" AM/AOS. Five flowers on 3 inflorescences.


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    C. Loud Nine 'Carolina Red' AM:AOS.jpg
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