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I thought I had posted here, but don't see my wish list. I want the same thing as Carol, a non-alba Paph fairieanum.
Heather said:
Yeah, we're easy here. We don't want you to have to work too hard for free cash.

Just remember folks, this is a $50 gift certificate, not a $500 one. :)
Oh, did you lose a zero?:poke:
Yay! Finally approved to post! :rollhappy: Well for this year I would love to get a hold of a.....hmmm.....well I guess it would have to be a long petaled, colorful phrag. I'd love a good Ashley Wilkes or a kovachiix wassilii. That would make me happy. :D
as a novice slipper grower my list is very very very long. however since i only need to name one to enter this contest, i'd like a Delrosii and my reason? uh how about i have a horse named Dulce Rossa and it sounds simlar? whew this is a tough contest! sarah
My dream is a "Sierra Sunset" complex slipper or one of the black slippers from Owens.
Hmmmm...Paph hangianum is way up on my list too, but alas I don't think we'll get it here in the US this year...at least not legally. There are several things from Orchid Inn that I would like and a few from Piping Rock as well. If I had to choose one...............it would be from Orchid Inn and it would be Paph Mem. Larry Heuer "Wonderland" X micranthum "Joe's Red".

That was really hard!

I already bought a ton of phrags this year but I want a phrag kovachii and jason fischer!
I will soon have the paphs I want except for a Paph Lunacy which sold out.
Paph jackii

I'm looking for a Paph. charlesworthii compot :) hoping to bloom out a fair number and pick a nice bright colored one for future breeding! (I'd post a pic, but I'm new to the forum and still need to read up on how that's done)
I'm looking for nice warm weather so my hubby will go out to play softball with the seniors every day & hopefully coming home after the mailman gets here with any new purchases.I have so many he doesn't notice so I don't need to explain. :) :) :) LOL
I have been enjoying reading everyone's picks for the contest. As a newbie, I have tried to find pictures of your flowers. Little did you know you were teaching someone along the way.
I could not find two from my wishlist at the flower show so I would like a fairrieanum or a St. Swithin.

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