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Hi Kinte!

I think it's time for me to track down a Paph. druryi.

BTW; hello again everyone. Sorry I've been totally missing. I've been busy. I've got some paph pics to post, but it might not happen for another week or two.
I would like Lien's roths. Which one? I wouldn't be able to decide between three of them. :)
Phrag Ryoko Urabe. :drool: I would have a division available for one of you in 2012.
This brought me out of the lurk mode. I guess I want a whole mess of Neos from New World - Benisuzume would be nice for starters. Just one more thing, all my children need heart transplants :( , so there isn't any money for orchids right now. I don't want to influence anyone or anything like that, but a new plant would sure make my little Suzie smile. :) After all, she might not be with us much longer. :(

OK, that's all a lie. I do bake some pretty mean Oatmeal-Raisin cookies. They're easy to ship just in case.......................:D
wish list orchid

How about 100 or 200 Fredclarkeara After Dark 'Spotty' or 'Black Pearl' FCC/AOS?
My tag line say that I don't do multiflorals, and I don't.....yet. I would like to get ONE, Paph. philippinense. Either a nice album or one with deep, dark colors. Yeah, be gettin me one of those this spring.
I would like one of the Norton's blue violacea... or two even...
I want the same thing as Carol - a regular old non-alba Paph fairrieanum. Next best would be a Paph philippinense. Hope I don't get disqualified for wanting at least two paphs?
Gosh, how do I pick just ONE!!!?????

One of the top ones absolutely HAS to be Neofinetia falcata 'Hisui', the green one, from New World Orchids.


Others would include a nice white or green division from Marriott orchids and a paph. tigrinum, or a GOOD charlesworthii... (yeah, the list keeps on going...) :eek: :)

I didn't know much about neos until this fall, when someone on orchidsource posted about them, with a link to a thread here at Slippertalk, so I did some reading.... and searching... and...

I'm hooked. :D I bought two (and two den. monoliformes) and one is in spike and the other is pushing up its second growth... OMG, I need MORE.... :drool:

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I too am looking for a really nice venustum, preferably an album...
Failing that maybe some interesting suk cross. I just got a Paph roebellini, though it is years from bloom, at least it is a start!
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