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Ok, it's time for another contest. To enter, all you have to do is post the name of one orchid you would like to buy in 2007. It could be a species, hybrid or division. Photos are nice, but not required (please ask permission before posting someone else's photo). Each forum member gets one entry, so posting multiple times is not necessary. Each member who posts will have their name entered into a drawing for the following prizes...

Grand Prize: $50 gift certificate to the orchid vendor of the winners choice.
First Prize: $40 gift certificate to the Gore Orchid Conservatory (graciously donated, and we thank you!)
Second Prize: Waiting for sponsorship...

Contest ends March 31st at midnight and the winners will be announced April 1st. Good Luck!

The administrators can modify these rules at any time. This contest is for members residing in the United States only. Please see our International contest thread if you live outside of the U.S.
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It's okay Tien, since they're Neo's, I doubt John will yell at you. :)

I want Gemstone's Randschild.

Thanks to Jon for the photo.

It's the only thing I want....

well, except Pk but honestly after all the drama this weekend I'm re-thinking that! :rollhappy:
Oh, and i'm not eligible of course.
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I would really like a Paph fairrieanum seedling, and not the alba that all the vendors seem to have now.
ooooh, my current want is Octomeria aloefolia, which looks like a haworthia with maxillaria flowers. Pic here and more here.

No need to throw my name in the pot - I won the last one so you should make me sit this one out. I wasn't going to post but I given a chance to talk about plants I want, heh.....
While the Neofinetia above are tempting, I will stick to my guns and search for a Paph. parishii -- so many delightful twisting petals!
I want a "nice" paph. venustrum. All the ones I've been seeing are smallish and not very striking. I know nice ones are out there, people post photos of them all the time! I have to be picky since my greenhouse is near bursting.
Hmmmm... after much deliberation... A division of Hadley Cash's Paph. (victoria-regina var.) kalinae 'Marriott Darkness' AM/AOS.

What can I say.... I want Paph. hangianum. I don't expect to be able to get one in 2007, but that wasn't one a criterion, was it?

I'll offer the FIRST PRIZE, a gift certificate to the GOC for $40. Or, if someone else wants to top that, it'll be the second prize, or third..... At the moment, my benches are pretty bare. When the weather warms up a bit, though, I'll have a lot more to offer.

- Matthew Gore
Ah, a Phrag kovachii x walisii seedling, large enough to survive. I don't do well with small seedlings. Or a Marriott Orchids pink/white complex. There are so many, I can't decide.

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