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I am on the lookout for a large Phrag.Cardinale I have seen a few recently and it has me going for one.

Welll....... I think I need to do a bit of research. There was nothing in the NY Botanical Gardens Orchid Exhibit that really moved me. Perhaps I missed a bunch. But for sure I will have to chose something easy being the neophyte that I am. I think I'll go shopping on line. Is there a deadline?
I've got two I can't decide between also :p

The Oregon Tort:drool: :drool:

or the Sunset Monti:drool: :drool:

You orchid people are too crazy for me, so I'm hunting coral:rollhappy:

Seriously though, if I were looking for an orchid, it would be.................

a variegated Paph. sanderianum alba

Maybe by the time one's discovered or genetically engineered I'll have saved up enough money to get one;)

OH BOY, A RAFFLE! A free one too. I gonna havta put my thinnin' cap on.


Oh, that was quick:

A Blooming size, in spike, award quality sanderianum.:clap:

Nah, I don't want much at all.:poke:
Paph. Toni Semple (lowii x haynaldianum)

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Well, while I would like the impossible (multiple hangianum's) I would really like a very large, and very fragrant Paph emersonii....Take care, Eric
If I could Buy just one

If I could buy just one orchid this year it would be a Phrag. besseae 'Who Knows Why' AM/AOS
I wish I could find one that I could afford as it's bright and wonderful colors would be sure to show brightness and colors with the hope of growing it into a winner and beauty.I recently lost all my orchids when my greenhouse burned to the ground.If that was not bad enough it happened while I was recieving chemo therapy. Well as we all know when it rains it pours.......:)
If I could have only one new orchid this spring

it would be a blooming size Phrag fisheri to replace the one I lost.
My Wish List

I wouldn't mind getting a bulbo echinolabium... But not for myself. It would be for a friend. He had one in bloom and suggested I take a whiff... Not NICE! :evil: Anyway... he wants one to outcross and get more of these stinkies.

For myself I would love to get one or more white blooming phrags to go with my Silver Eagles. (Thanks again, Matt):cool:
For me, I want a nice division of an oldie but goodie. Paph Winston Churchill 'Indominatable' FCC/RHS. One of these days, i simply have to break down and fork over the cash for it.

I've been looking for a nice Paph parishii....I used to have several that were wonderful and bloomed every year. I somehow managed to lose them and I really miss the fantastic show of eight or nine glorious flowers with dark curly petals. Anyone know where I can find Paph parishii?


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