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Jan 22, 2008
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elmer, nj
Early this year I got the bug to try one of Chuck Acker’s p kovachii flasks. I looked up a number of places online including emailing LittleFrog rob about how he has started his and took the plunge. When the weather cleared in early March, I received the plants

5D6D6C9E-205D-4E4F-8B42-71AC1C03CF5C.jpeg 47BF93E3-6A53-4B2F-B32E-06F08C7151DC.jpeg 945693A7-0521-4701-8CFB-9B8751568C63.jpeg C5E34CF3-431C-41A4-928E-49C99B14D1DB.jpeg

they arrived March 4th, fantastic seedlings! I split them up bigs and smalls in separate trays. The trays are 4”x 4”, mesh bottom. General seedling mix with a little chopped sphagnum, domes on, always sitting in very clean water. I first spritzed them heavily with some of rays quantum total probiotic at the recommended rate, put them near an east window with an led light on a timer. After a few months and they were looking pale, I sprinkled them with a little slow release fertilizer after reading someone’s post that they had done this and their plants looked really nice

last pic is of the seedlings a few days ago. Some of the big ones are touching the top of the domes! The paler ones I think get more sunlight and may have dried a little. I had started to open the domes some, but they looked so happy I just left the domes on. After I found more inocucor I treated them once or twice with it at the recommended rate. Otherwise clear water occasionally from the top and more at the bottom when it gets low. On average there’s 1/2” water in the bottom tray. My goal is to have pots in ebb/flood or trickle water all the time

so far much better than some of my infamous experiments :D :(


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