Calcium loving Paphiopedilums

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Oct 21, 2020
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Los Angeles, CA
Hey slipper lovers. I came across a website that purports the following regarding calcium loving paphs:



Calcium is an important mineral for the growth of some Paphiopedilum species. Adding calcium to their supplement routine is recommended. After much research and many discussions with experts who grow Paphiopedilums, we have succeeded in creating a table which may help you understand which Paphiopedilums would benefit from the addition of calcium. We hope that this table can help you.

List of calcicolous Paphiopedilum


If you click the link "List of calcicolous Paphiopedilum" it is in French but here are the most important bits after I did some translating.

1. "After several readings and many discussions with Paphiopedilum growing experts, we have managed to write this table that can help you in your growing. It's nothing very scientific, but after 40 years of experience, we hope it can help you."
2. "Added calcium: Oyster shell; 1 tsp/4” pot 3 times a year"
3. "PAPHIOPEDILUM (those who ask for PURE WATER IN BLUE)

What their definition of pure water is I'm not sure. I assume they are saying some plants like Hookerae are more sensitive to excess minerals than others.

As with anything regarding orchids, take it with a grain of salt.