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Jan 22, 2008
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elmer, nj
It’s been two years since I bit the bullet and bought a flask of kovachii from Chuck Acker. There was govt stimulus money burning a hole in my pocket and was bored with quarantine life so said ‘why not?’ :)

Here’s link to my initial compotting thread here
It’s been two years and much to my surprise only one seedling died and they look great! I still had them in the compot with the high domes, but the leaves had pushed the domes off the base so they were getting air underneath. I was leery of doing something more, since my previous attempts at potting and growing wasabi in modified hydroponic system failed, due to inattention and life distraction. It’s likely I would’ve needed to remove them even sooner, as after a year the growth had stalled/yellowing from too high light and exhaustion of the organic slow release fertilizer. Adjusting light position and reapplying the fertilizer corrected the situation and they continued growing and looking happy. I periodically used inocucor, kelp max and rays quantum probiotic, and almost always RO water at the base, sometimes poured through the top, usually keeping reservoir at 1/2 to 1”. Occasionally reservoir emptying.


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Above pics just prior to removing two seedlings for donation to cnyos June auction. The leaves lifted the domes off, busting out and saying ‘get me outta here!’ :)

I credit the great growth to Chuck Acker’s excellent breeding and flasking, and the probiotics and rooting assistants also had dramatic impact. I’ve also used them on veggie seedlings at work and very healthy plants. I mixed up some and dipped these before sending some to cnyos; I still have to pot up into larger pots though the domes are off and leaves stretching forth!

Any suggestions for potting up, media and culture greatly appreciated!IMG_3436.jpeg
Congratulations!!! It is amazing how slowly they grow: me looking at the seedlings like are you going to bloom anytime soon lol;). I use small orchiata 50%, pumis 45%, oister shells 5% and some small gordans gow cubes rock wool. I'm not sure if this is the best mix and I'm by no means an expert. I unpoted it and it is growing new roots so im not sure. It would be interested to do an experiment and do multiple mixes and report back to tell what you found out. Good luck