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  1. DirGo

    Paph papuanum "alboviride" (*)

    (*) EDIT May 27th I started this posting as Paph. papuanum fma. alexejanum. I am very grateful for the feedback I received from Olaf Gruß that this form name is only used for the paler color form of papuanum. For the albino color form (without any red pigment) there is no official name. I...
  2. DirGo

    Paph Pinocchio "album"

    This is a cross between the albino forms of both glaucophyllum and primulinum. There is some diversity in the offspring of this hybrid, but I really love this paler color form very much. I cannot take any credit for the great quality of plant and flower, as it came to me in flower from Exotic...
  3. DirGo

    Paph callosum fma viridiflorum

    Another albino species in flower, bought as "small type" Not the best flower shape, but I think it's cute, and different, and I like it, so it's a keeper for me.
  4. DirGo

    My Blooming Beauties

    I'm thrilled to share a picture of my current blooming Paphs! Really feeling grateful that 7% of my in-house grown collection is in flower at the same time, and even two new ones I have not yet posted before as they are first time flowering seedlings. From left to right: Paph. callosum fma...
  5. DirGo

    Paph Ho Chi Min

    EDIT My initial posting was as Paph vietnamense After valuable comments make by Justin, NEslipper and Happypaphy7 I renamed it to Paph Ho Chi Min EDIT One of the few non albino's in my Paph collection, but I am very happy with it!
  6. DirGo

    Paph esquirolei fma viride

    Another albino flowering for the first time: esquirolei fma viride. I am very happy with the result. Important "note to self": never turn a plant towards the light while the flower is opening ! Flower is nice symetrical, but it does not look like this anymore after picking it up and putting it...
  7. DirGo

    Paph lowii fma aureum (*)

    Another albino family member I like to introduce: Paph lowii fma aureum. Grown indoor under artificial lights (same as the rest of my collection) and it flowers yearly.
  8. DirGo

    Paph villosum fma aureum (*)

    (*) bought as this albino form but on flowering sadly it got "botanically disqualified as albino" for having small anthocyanin (red) dots - also I was hoping for the aureum with full yellow flag, but it is the one with white rim. I still love it very much and for sure it deserves a place in my...
  9. DirGo

    Paph xang-thong fma album - Paph Greyi fma. album

    Another albino family member I like to introduce: Paph. xang-thong fma album / Paph. Greyi fma. album Paph. xang-thong is the natural hybrid between Paph. godefroyae and Paph. niveum Paph. Greyi is the the artificial hybrid between Paph. godefroyae and Paph. niveum Considering this a cross...
  10. DirGo

    Paph. rothschildianum 'OZ x sib'

    My Paph. rotschildianum 'OZ x sib' , same plant blooming in 2020 en now again.
  11. DirGo

    Phrag longifolium fma album

    First flowering of my only album/albino Phragmipedium in my otherwise mostly Paph collection. Bought in 2019 as a seedling and very happy with it.
  12. DirGo

    Paph sanderianum

    Paph sanderianum, one of the few non-albino species in my small collection that I belief fully deserves his space... with the extreme heat we had in Belgium, very dry air because of in-house culture, I was really affraid the bud would abort. Instead it progressed from first visible bud to open...
  13. DirGo

    Paph leucochilum fma album

    Another albino family member I like to introduce: Paph leucochilum fma album For those who like comparing: all pictures are the same plant: opening now May 2022 previous time was in January 2022 ( yes only 5 months ago! ) and in March 2021 (first ever flowering )
  14. DirGo

    Paph thaianum

    Really love this little gem... flowers every 7-8 months like clockwork since I got it in 2019
  15. DirGo

    Paph Bobby Orr fma album

    Another albino family member I like to introduce: Paph Bobby Orr fma album Bobby Orr = stonei x Mount Toro {= stonei x philippinense} As a "die hard albino species lover" I realize I will have to wait many years before my "100% stonei album" seedling will ever flower, so you can...
  16. DirGo

    Paph godefroyae var. leucochilum fma album

    Another albino family member that is blooming: officially Paph godefroyae var leucochilum fma album Bloomed first time ever in March this year, now did a second blooming in December Just for fun... a little mind game: if a "leucochilum" is a godefroyae with a spotless lip, isn't a "leucochilum...
  17. DirGo

    Paph dianthum fma album

    Another albino family member that bloomed a few months ago. Hope you like it. DIanthum with some "delusions of grandeur" thinking it could be a TRIanthum if it made three flowers :) Sadly the first flower already started to fade when the last one opened.
  18. DirGo

    Paph druryi

    In my "new member Introduction" BrucherT asked me about my druryi's, so here we go... To be honest, they are a challenge, some years they will accept any bug, pest or desease around as if they were magnetic. They loose vigor and need time to recover. Then suddenly they grow like crazy and...
  19. DirGo

    Hello from DirGo in Belgium

    I have been reading this forum for many years and finally took the step last October to start posting. I live in Belgium and been growing orchids for more than 40 years. I grew in a greenhouse but after moving house in 2006 I had to go back to indoor growing. My collection has room for ±120...
  20. DirGo

    Paph philippinense var leavigatum fma album

    Time to share another family picture. First time blooming of my plant (flowered beginning of this year) I wished I had also taken a picture when it was fully open.