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I agree, my first thought was that there was absolutely delenatii in there as well. Still, it’s a beautiful Ho Chi Min!
I wish to thank the three of you for the comments. When it flowered it "resembled the species I purchased"; enough for me to belief the tag was correct without further questioning it (what a rookie mistake). After reading your precious comments I took a deep dive into the species descriptions which clearly espects a staminode with a large green centre portion and looked at as much photo's as I could find. As you all correctly observed it looks like a lot of delenatii genes are in it. I will see if I can correct my posting to Ho Chi Min.
Dirk, I saw your thread last night and the first glance at the flower, the staminode, the proportions of the flower, less the foliage said to me .... HCM .... but it was late and I wanted to sleep one night before wrighting my thoughts....but my previous speakers saw the same.....but don't worry too much, beside it isn't what you intented to have (I expirienced the same situation several times) .... it's a lovely HCM. 👍
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