Paph. niveum first bloom progress

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Nicely coming.If I can an advice.Plants take extra phosphorus and kalium up during bud forming period.If there is not enugh, plant reuptakes them from older leaves.This time it is worth to change to blooming fertilizer.Keep us posted.
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Still growing! Looks like it’s working on a second bud now. The first one has swelled quite a bit.

I’ve been fertilizing with Dynagro’s balanced fertilizer. I don’t have a bloom booster, should I start using one now? The yellowing on the bottom leaf looks to be due to physical damage but now that fertilizing has been mentioned I worry that it’s not getting enough nutrients.
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There are many bloom booster fertilizers available from market.I use Peters fertilizers , growing mix in vegetative stage and a gradually increase the part of bloom booster, from 3:1 to 1:3.This works well.I use ro water, total cc. of solution is 400 uS, every waterings.
Did you get the plant from Sam? Contact him, I bet he didn't use a bloom booster to set the bud. I personally don't use anything like that and niveum blooms every year. Potassium is one of the rarer elements available in nature so be careful playing around with plant chemistries. It can end with disastrous results. In fact, on this forum several years ago we had lengthy discussions over potassium and plant physiology. The creation of a new fertilizer was the result, called Klite. Ray use to supply this fertilizer. I'm not sure if he still does.
I switched to the K-Lite formula from MSU that I had on-hand. I found that thread and was convinced, so we’ll see what the next year looks like for blooms. I’m very new to the hobby so I’ve prioritized learning as much as I can from others to make up for the lack of experience.

She’s almost open! I noticed the second bud has browned and remained small while the first bud gained size. Will it resume growing or has it blasted?

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The flower has had some time to open up more. However, with the plant having arrived with an already yellowing leaf, I’m worried about letting it keep its bloom. Will it be alright holding onto it, or would it be advisable to snip the flower and let the plant save its energy?
Nice flower with quite some potential for the next flowerings (but as it's one of Sam's, no big surprise!).

I, myself, might be tempted to savour the flower a day or two - and then follow Leslie's advice. And maybe also check, whether the yellowing of the bottom leave might be caused by a bit of rot, if ever so slight, at tbe interior (central?) end of the leave?

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