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  1. Cach26

    Tips for Growing Paph Bellatulum, Niveum and Rothschildianum

    Hello everyone, happy growing! I want to buy some Paph Niveum and Bellatulum (Species) in the future. But I really don't know if my growing conditions are adequate, I live in a country with a tropical climate :D Night Temperatures of 18C (64 F) and Day Temperatures of 25C (77 F) I grow Lady...
  2. Cach26

    Wanted Looking for Phrags and Paph Producers in Colombia or Latin America

    Hello everyone, with the permission of the administrators, do you know any Lady Slippers producer in Latin America? If there are any available on this forum, please DM
  3. magnoliasplanties

    Paph. Philippinense x paph. Emerald

    A beautiful dark cross made my Tom and Gary at little greenhouse. I am so honored to own their one of a kind cross!
  4. B

    My Paphiopedilum rungsuriyanum have arived

    These are seed grown Paphiopedilum rungsuriyanum I got 2 weeks ago. See the repotting video on my YouTube channel Paphiopedilum rungsuriyanum - ORIGIN - HABITAT - CARE - REPOT
  5. Kate Boyce-Miles

    Paphiopedilum St Swithin (philippinense x rothschildianum)

    I have had this Paph. for about one year and I really adore it. It has flowered for the first time, and it has five buds on two spikes. It would have had six but I accidentally knocked one off. I have nicknamed it 'Lucu' after my favourite tiger, due to the stripes on the flowers. Kate.
  6. B

    Wanted Searching for Paphiopedilum helenae

    To expand my collection I'm looking for: Paphiopedilum helenae (divisions), ANY FORM OR COLOR Europe only please contact me at: [email protected].
  7. B

    Paphiopedilum helenae potting mix

    I’m fairly new to Paph. growing , although I’ve been growing orchids for over 35 years now) and after a lot of research, I decided to focus mainly on Pahiopedilum helenae of which I currently have 4 plants of different sources now and 2 more coming next month. I’m a sucker for small and...
  8. A

    Paphio Red Baron x Fly Eagle

    Very happy from Paris, Paphio Red Baron x Fly Eagle opening first bloom. Probably one of the Last orders sent by Popow orchids in Oct 2021.
  9. P

    How to begin

    Hey guys! I'm fairly new to growing orchids and I wanna buy a paphiopedilum species and I don't know which one I should get. I can tell rare species are preferred, with some of my favourites being Rothschildianum, Stonei, fairrieanum, sukhakulii and micranthum. I like most of the species though...
  10. P

    Browning of leaves in Paphiopedilum rothschildianum

    Hi there! new member here. I recently received a Paphiopedilum rothschildianum in bloom as a gift. It is a lovely plant, but I noticed that three leaves are browning....I haven't noticed this in photos online so I wonder if this is rotting...? if so, how could I treat it? Any recommendations to...
  11. Kate Boyce-Miles

    Phragmipedium Noirmont - Watercolour painting

    I have recently finished a watercolour (painted from life) of my Phragmipedium Noirmont (Memoria Dick Clements x longifolium) in bloom. The painting also shows its' developing seed pod. The Phrag. is happy that it has completed it's modelling session and is back in my grow-house. ☺ I have...
  12. Redtwist

    Oil and Acrylic Paintings of my Slippers

    Finally had the chance this year to paint some of my slippers. Mostly studies in my sketchbook so far, but also a more finished oil painting of Paph. Stone Praetorian (stonei x glanduliferum) and a mixed media piece of Paph. Duke of Burgundy (JBurkhardt x Lady Isobel). It makes a nice change...
  13. Redtwist

    Paph. Memoria Joan Levy

    I was eagerly awaiting this one, as I love stonei and gigantifolium. The buds were so dark I wasn't convinced it was labelled right, but very happy with it for a first flowering. A variety of shots in different light/backgrounds. As you can see, the colours look very different, depending on the...
  14. Mr.Roland

    Paphiopedilum primulinum

    Some images of the Paphiopedilum primulinum I bought a few months ago at Akerne Orchids in Belgium . I am a Berlin based windowsill grower , the window exposed to the north-east . From may onwards my windows are all fully opened day and night , so natural temperature fluctuation , constant air...
  15. M


    Hi all. New to this site. I have a rothchildianum paph. I’ve had her 6 years around. She is currently doing this. I know it takes a long time to bloom. Generally after starting to spike are we talking into fall to show off all her blooms? She’s been in a south facing window with sun in the...
  16. Kate Boyce-Miles

    Paphiopedilum Toni Semple album (watercolour painting)

    Here is a small watercolour painting I have just completed. It is of my P. Toni Semple album (lowii album x haynaldianum album). It took me much longer than expected because I have been very distracted by trying to find my missing cat (Fabi), who has been lost since 12th Feb. now.
  17. Kate Boyce-Miles

    Watercolour painting - Paphiopedilum multifloral hybrid.

    My latest artwork, a watercolour painted from life of my no id. Paphiopedilum hybrid, which I personally think most resembles Saint Swithin x adductum.
  18. Kate Boyce-Miles

    Paphiopedilum hybrid - could be St Swithin x adductum?

    I have recently acquired a Paphiopedilum in bud/flower labelled as 'glanduliferum' (depicted). However it is not that...The general consensus is that it is an x adductum hybrid, but which one? I personally think it is St Swithin x adductum (Booth St -Adductum) as it looks very similar to this...
  19. Ernesto

    Cuppy (peloric?) Brachypetalum hybrid

    Paph. Payakka Kodkod (concolor x thaianum) purchased in-bud this past summer (July 2020): Same plant, bloomed again January 2021 while carrying a seedpod: Thoughts? When it was blooming the second time around the petals were so cuppy that they needed a little nudge to allow the flower to...
  20. Ernesto

    My First Seedpod— is it ready?

    I pollinated this Paph. Payakka Kodkod (concolor x thaianum) with pollen from Paph. Chou-Yi Rookie (rothschildianum x thaianum) back in mid-July. It looks like the seedpod is beginning to change from green to yellow to slight brown. Is it ready to harvest? Do you have any tips for harvesting...