Paph delenatii vinicolor (Dunkel) seedlings from flask Oct 2009

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Paph delenatii vinicolor setup image from November 2010

Here is a photo of my setup from November 2010, not much has changed to my setup!



The fan is pointing at it, so maybe it's increasing humidity, or a poor mans evaporative cooler?
Superb growing, I am jealous! I love the leaves with the black border, that could flower something species.......hopefully.
I use 6400K cool whites all year round. I use three 24 Watt 2 ft tubes in a 16 x 24 inch area. The seedlings are about 4 inches below the tubes.

To keep the heat high during the day, I use a 200 Watt aquarium heater in a tub of water to bump up the temperature and humidity.


This should answer your question :)
I keep looking at this thread because I love seeing such nicely grown plants! Keep it up!

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