Paph delenatii vinicolor (Dunkel) seedlings from flask Oct 2009

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Super looking plants! Thanks for the details about your culture. I'd never get that kind of growth in my greenhouse. It's too cold and there are too many cloudy/short days. It would take me 3 or 4 years to see that kind of progress from flask. As much as I love my greenhouse, I was a better grower of many types when I grew under lights.
I wonder if this form has fragrance on the flowers? I saw a page on Orchids Limited Youtube video that says it retains the delenatii fragrances.

Me again:
Would you care to share any secrets (if you have any) regarding your delenatii compost? Anything in there we wouldn't expect?

I'll be following this up with a few pictures later, since your success triggered the urge to try myself....
Me again:
Would you care to share any secrets (if you have any) regarding your delenatii compost? Anything in there we wouldn't expect?

I'll be following this up with a few pictures later, since your success triggered the urge to try myself....

They are growing in a mix of sphagnum moss, coconut husk chunks, perlite, charcoal at a ratio of 1:1:1:1. Also add a bit of dolomite lime during spring after repotting. The coconut husk chunks were pre-soaked many times in pure water to remove tanins and later soaked in Calcium Nitrate and then Magnesium Sulphate. I would water with fertilizer water every other week from late March to September. I used a Plant Prod 20-20-20 at half strength + magnesium sulphate + calcium nitrate.

You should repot them yearly in the spring and seems to give them a growth spurt!

I repotted a few of my delenatii today and the roots anchored to the coconut husk chunks. The roots are thick and healthy!

When I started growing these seedling from flask, the medium was just sphagnum moss and coconut husk at a ratio of 1:1. As the seedling started to produce longer and thicker roots I started incorporate more perlite and charcoal.

Under my moist condition I added fine bark and the seedling didn't respond well because it decayed very rapidly and the new leaf got smaller.

I have a feeling that these delenatii vinicolor (Dunkel) doesn't really like very acidic medium.

I am in the process of repotting all my delenatii vinicolor right now and it is becoming a big job to do!

Thanks for sharing. These must be the fastest and healthiest seedlings delenatii vini growing from flask in 18 months. Fantastic. I had a flask purchased from ChingHua Sept 2008 and the seedlings are only half that size. I think I should start growing indoor with that kind of growing condition "recipe" .
Here’s my little set-up! Seeing all the current F.S. delenatii albino plants in Europe, I remembered this post right here, and decided to try myself. I’ll talk you through the pictures, and my ideas behind how I dealt with handling this “trial”.
These picture show the seedlings just hours after I found (and bought) them. Good-looking youngsters, I felt. Knowing normal delenatii from sowing I know they can have a tendency to stealth, which basically comes down to sowing techniques.

These plants here have the same problem, which I’m overcoming by removing all “Stem-covering-leafs”, that are not helping the plant by sending it into bonsai-shape. I need these stems to start rooting. Even now, as a seedling these plants force me into using lager containers than I normally would have.


This is after first inspection (and yes, we do have some (if few) very woolly guest!!!) and sorting into 2 groups of strong, and even stronger plants.

Next up is compost composition. Now, I did not copy the paphmans way, but took onboard what he said, and slightly tweaked things around my remaining collection, as well as paying credit to my “stealth-problem”. What you see here is a mix containing a shredded CHC or cocofiber/cork base, perlite as well as some vermiculite, crushed oyster shells some seramis. The nature of my remaining collection dictates frequent watering, so I had to keep my version a bit more on the “nice and airy side”.

All mixed up!

As mentioned all these plants are slightly over-potted, plus set rather sunk into their pots. I’m hoping to buy them some more time for proper rooting as well as give the time for at least 2 new leafs before re-potting into a more coarse mixture. My focus right now is very much on getting these stems to root properly. For the fun of it, and to later compare I potted half of them in plastic, the other half in clay pots.

And there you have it! May the force be with us!!!



I’ll get back to you once I have found them a decent spot in the conservatory and murdered these unwanted little white woollies.
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John Boy....Wow nice seedlings!:drool::drool:

The first photo of the delenatii was in need of repotting! Glad you repotted them at this time of the year.:clap::clap: It was long overdue from the photos!

Use a pesticide to get rid of the mealy bugs as soon as possible. Keep a lookout for mites as well!

Make sure you water them and keep them moist at this time of the year!

Let me know how it goes and good luck!

P.S. I think luck is on your side as these seedlings are very healthy!


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