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Jason Fischer

Aug 26, 2006
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Greetings all and Happy New Year. Sorry I haven't been very active on the forum as of lately. I thought I would mention that I am a speaker at the World Orchid Conference. I am giving my lecture on native orchids of Japan. I speak on Saturday, Jan. 26th at 2 P.M.
Orchids Limited will not be having a vendor booth at this event. Instead we will all be shopping! I can bring plants for people if they request so by Wednesday of this week. However, I will only be attending the show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday which will be the days to arrange pick up. Contact me if you are interested.

It will be a nice break from the sub-zero temperatures we've been having in MN. Hope to see you there!

Jason Fischer
Just got back to the hotel from the opening party tonight. I tried to post pics but this computer wont let me plug in my card....some great exhibits. Get on a plane people!!! :)