11th International Slipper Symposium - Atltamonte Springs, FL

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Feb 14, 2008
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Seattle, WA
11th International Slipper Symposium - Oct 25-26 - Altamonte Springs, FL

New information has been added since this was originally posted. New information is in RED.

Frank is in Medellin, Colombia this week for the big orchid show, so he asked me to post this information in his absence.

The 11th International Slipper Symposium will be held the weekend of October 25-26 this year at the same venue as last year - The Holiday Inn at Altamonte Springs.

The official web page is at http://home.cfl.rr.com/slipperorchids/ but if it’s easier to remember – just go to the Krull-Smith website at http://www.krullsmith.com and link directly from the front page.

Official contact is Jamie Lawson at 772-664-6453 or [email protected]

Registration is $60 before Oct. 1, $75 after Oct. 1, and $100 at the door – that includes lunch, snacks, plus the Champagne BBQ and Sunday breakfast at Krull-Smith.

The first 100 registrants will receive a FREE slipper seedling at the door, courtesy of Krull-Smith.

Registration form is available for download on the official website.
Lectures, Orchid Plant, Book and Related Items Sales and all day on Saturday, Oct. 25th.

Speakers are:
Hadley Cash of Marriott Orchids
Jason Fischer of Orchids Limited
Olaf Gruss, International Author (Here is your chance to get Olaf’s recent book on albino slippers!)

The complete schedule of lectures and events is available on the official website.

The organizers recommend people arrive on Friday, October 24, as registration begins at 8:00am and lectures begin promptly at 9:00am on Saturday, October 25.

The Champagne BBQ will be at the Krull-Smith pavilion Saturday evening, and there will be an open house of the private greenhouses at Krull-Smith on Sunday morning. Breakfast will be provided.

The host hotel is:

Holiday Inn of Altamonte Springs (At some point before the Symposium this will become the Clarion)
230 West State Rd 436
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
1-800-226-4544 or
(407) 862-4455 ext. 522

Special room rate is $69 poolside, or $89 in the "new building", per room, per night.
Make reservations quoting “Paph Symposium” or “Slipper Symposium” to get the special rate.

These rooms sleep 4 so you can buddy up for additional savings!

NOTE: This hotel will become the Clarion as new management takes over between now and Symposium time - so do not be confused if it is identified as such when you call.
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Just thinking in webspace, sorry. Every year the Slipper conference has been the week after world cup so I couldn't go. Now that they're the same time I have to try to mix orchids w/ competing! :eek:
Are those the same photos you tried to use at the WOC to wrangle an awarded Phrag. division? The ones with the barnyard animals? I thought it was determined that those were a definite product of some deviant Photoshop work.
The trick to saving a little money is to book the flights as soon as possible. I booked mine on Southwest today. I'll arrive on Friday evening, get a good nights sleep then be ready when the doors open on Sat. It truley is an all day event. From coffee in the morning to the auction at Krull Smiths in the early evening. When you leave there you can barley get enough rest to get up for the morning at Krull Smith. It's an event that more of us need to make. In my option the best part of the event is talking and eating with all these great people. The have a lot of knowledge and are willing to share it. There are usually a few other vendors on site as well. It's a small event of 50 to 100 people. It's just fun. I'll be there and I hope some of you will too.
Great advice from Bob - get those airline tickets EARLY. I believe Orlando is the #1 destination airport in the U.S., and that means there is more competition and often better fares than to other destinations.

For all the reasons Bob points out, this is a fairly unique event and not one to miss. It is small enough that everyone gets a chance to meet and chat with the experts, make new plant trading alliances, and just immerse yourself into your passion with really wonderful, friendly people who share a common interest.

In addition to having access to the experts on hand at the Symposium, the opportunity to prowl through Frank Smith's private greenhouses is a very rare treat.

Indeed there will be other vendors. Right now I believe that Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids intends to be there with some wonderful plants to sell, and there are several other vendors planning to be there as well.

We can get Frank to write a note to excuse you from class if you think it will help... :evil:

Hey, watch it! Im in the same boat. Ive sent emails out to the teachers of the big classes to see if anything big is due the following Monday. <fingers crossed> The faculty knew I was out for the WOC and some gave me the stink eye about it, so this time Id have to spin it as a 2-day internship with a landscape company or lecture series in applied horticulture. :wink:
Hi All,
I just booked airfare and look forward to seeing all you slipper fans there. Bob in Albany is the only other forum person that I know that goes , are there others? It is worth the trip for the plants offered alone. Don't miss out on Frank Smith's and Jamie Lawson's hospitality and the chance for one on one paph and phrag talk with the best in the industry.This is the one paph event i have not missed in 6 years and look forward to it every year! Hope you will consider coming.
Bit far to drive there for the weekend from Pretoria, but it would be a wonderful experience for you guys.
Heather, No I don't mind your question at all. I have direct flights down and back and the total including all taxes and fees equals $316.50. And that's via Southwest. The longer one waits the less chance of a direct flight and naturally the costs goes up.