15th International Slipper Orchid Symposium • November 2, 2013 • Orlando, FL

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Feb 14, 2008
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Seattle, WA
It's that time again!!

What: 15th International Slipper Orchid Symposium
When: November 2, 2013
Where: Howard Johnson Plaza Altamonte Springs Orlando North
Sponsored by: Krull-Smith
More information: 15th International Slipper Orchid Symposium

Join us this November in Orlando for an entertaining and informative Saturday of speaker presentations and plant sales, followed by a fast-paced and entertaining BBQ and auction under the Krull-Smith pavilion. Stop by Krull-Smith on Sunday morning for a light breakfast and open house for more plant sales and an opportunity to browse through one of the world's premier collections of outstanding paphiopedilums (and phalaenopsis).

This year’s Speakers:

  • Olaf Gruß, Grassau, Germany
  • Dr. Harold Koopowitz, Professor Emeritus – University of California, Irvine
  • Theresa Hill - Hillsview Gardens, Mulino, OR
  • Chen-Chung Chen, President Taiwan Orchid Growers Association - Mainshow Orchids, Taiwan
  • Karen Muir, Laguna Niguel, CA

This year’s Vendors:
  • Deerwood Orchids
  • Fajen's Orchids & Exotics
  • Hill’s Raingreen Tropicals
  • Hillsview Gardens
  • Krull-Smith
  • Mainshow Orchids of Taiwan
  • Orchid Inn, Ltd.

Many of the vendors are willing to bring pre-ordered plants to the event. The website has links to vendor sites and/or email links for registrants to contact vendors with any special requests before the event.

Please visit the website at www.slippersymposium.com to learn more and download the registration form.
No HP from Orchidview this year? I'm on the fence about coming this year, I have a new 2 month old girl, my first!, and airfare is crazy right now
Rob, I think they decided to take it easy and have a more relaxing symposium this year. We will all miss their awesome sales table but it will still be wonderful just to have them there with us. We sure hope you can find a way to be there - it wouldn't be the same without you.
Just one more reason to attend: Mr. Chen of Mainshow Orchids in Taiwan has just provided his pre-order plant listing in a MS Excel spreadsheet (with photos).

This pre-order listing is available for download on the "2013 Vendors" page of the website at www.slippersymposium.com

There are three tabs in the spreadsheet - Paphiopedilums, Phalaenopsis and Flasks. There are some really GREAT things on this list!
ok, I booked a flight, any one else going?
Dot and Eric, will you drop in and pick me up on the way down please? I'd
love to go. I haven't been to a really nice orchid event since POE several
years ago. I'll wait at the Knoxville airport, o.k.?

Scott, are there any really nice motels/hotels within walking distance of the symposium?
Dot and Eric, will you drop in and pick me up on the way down please? I'd
love to go. I haven't been to a really nice orchid event since POE several
years ago. I'll wait at the Knoxville airport, o.k.?

Scott, are there any really nice motels/hotels within walking distance of the symposium?
I can only be there in spirit. :( :sob:
Angela, there are a couple motels within walking distance of the Symposium, but I'm not sure they're any better than the host hotel. The comments about the loud music at the host hotel are true for certain rooms, but there is a quieter, newer wing with rooms that have been refurbished in the last couple years. You just have to request the new section. There is a lot to be said for the convenience of staying at the same facility where your event is taking place, and it always turns out that people are able to carpool to the auction with fellow attendees. That's a good thing, because while the presentations are awesome, the auction seems to be the favorite event of the weekend.
I'm going to have to agree with Scott about the rooms. The higher price rooms in the host hotel are only $10 higher in cost and these are the rooms that are toward the back and away from what I now believe is a comedy lounge. Or at least it was last time I was there which was a year ago. I started staying across the street at the Hampton Inn a couple of years ago. The reason I started staying there was because they were also including a nice breakfast. Then last year the host hotel also provided a nice breakfast. This will be the first time I'm not going to this event in maybe 7 or 8 years, but if I went this yead I would just stay at the host hotel. It really is a great event and one not be be missed.
I'm terribly picky. I want room service. I didn't realize that the symposium and the auction were in two different locations. Thank you Scott and Bob...
valuable information.
I'm looking forward to this event. This will be my first slipper symposium. It helps to know that Frank will show us his phalaenopsis too. :)
Angela, the auction is indeed at another location however most everyone gets together and car pools over to the bbq and auction. All you need to do is ask anyone for a ride and they wil bring you or find you a ride.. Ross and other Slipper Talk people will be there, to share in rides and conversation. I also know that Peter will be there as well as Rob. Truley this is a great event to go to. The same thing holds true on Sunday morning in that people car pool over to Franks to visit the greenhouses. Matter a fact even though I have a car, many times I ride with others to and from Franks. If not I bring anyone that wants a ride with me.
Angela, I look forward to this event every year. The lectures are always interesting, the barbeque and auction at Frank's is great fun, and it is always a treat to tour Frank's private greenhouses on Sunday. But renewing acquaintances with all the fantastic people that attend the event makes it really special.

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