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Thanks for keeping the thread going while we were traveling, everyone. As I said earlier, the bus' wifi was out of commission for the trip, so I couldn't post in transit. I'll post a few a few more pics of today when I get up tomorrow. Unfortunately, I forgot to get pictures of Gene Hauserman and our own Tom Kalina, as I was into one last buying frenzy before heading home.
Rose, that paph Varvana is SICK!!! :drool:

I agree!
Is that Varvara really that dark??? It's spectacular.

I contacted Ross about acquiring a Little Trouble & he asked would you be interested in a div. of Varvara. I'm thinking, he's posted a pic before .... was it a red? I then opened the attached photo ...
how long do you think it took me to respond?
:smitten: :drool: :p
First thing yesterday morning, we loaded the bays of the bus with luggage, and then put boxes of plants on top of the luggage and bags of bark and CHC. Here's the open bays before loading, with pictures the two loaders, Jayme (his better side), and me (in the shadows).


Plants under the bus

I put this photo in to show the nice Harold Koopowitz (lower left) Erin picked up at Natts. Julie took these photos as I was helping pack the bus.

Finally, the only photo I took from Hausermann's :( My fellow competitor in the Paph division, Don Johnson, combing the benches ay Hausermann's for Paphs in bud. (There were a lot)

Highlights of my acquisitions were a nice delenatii, barbigerum, and Doll's Kobold from Tom Kalina at Fox Valley,and a division of Paph Mildred Hunter 'Ileana', a division of Paph boxalii (in double bud), a division of Paph Freckles 'Pink Agate', a division of Paph Black Diamond 'Jim', and Paph (Tioga Pass 'Pastel' x charlesworthii 'Joselin') from Hausermann's. Julie also picked up some Catts and a Phal from Hausermann's and we got three neat pleuros and a flask of Dracula cordobae from Ecuagenera.

The final estimated tally for the group: 41 orchid nuts, 1,002 orchids purchased, for an average of 24.4 plants per person.
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You had a beautiful weekend for your trip -- very lucky, looking at the weather forecast for this weekend. It looks like all of you took very good advantage of the opportunity!
Holy moly that's a lotta orchids. I hope they all made it home OK. Glad you all had so much fun.
Was it Hella hot at Hauserman's [as usual]!??!
Maybe it got hot when Hella got there, but I was disappointed this year. Last year they had paphs in 2" pots for $5 & $7.50, not this year.:( I was there Friday around noon & maybe they didn't have things quite set up & ready but it didn't look like they had done anything to make this a special weekend.

The temps were comfortable, but the shopping was hot. Between Tom Kalina and Hausermann's divisions, I was lucky to get out of there as cheaply as I did.
That's good you found things to your liking! I had to control myself at Tom's. IOS has their fall show in a couple of weeks, I'm gonna guess he'll be there & hopefully I can get the others I left behind!
In a way I'm glad I didn't make it. Chuck Ackers has a compot for me that I think may set me back $400! THat plus the bunches of other plants would have sent my Visa card into a time/space wormhole.

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