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Oct 6, 2008
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Naperville, IL
Hi All,

Just a reminder that we will be one of the guest growers at Orchids by Hausermann during next week's Chicagoland Orchid Festival. This event will run from Friday, Sept. 21 through Sunday, Sept. 23 . We'll be selling flasks, compots, seedlings and adult divisions of our outstanding Paphs and Phrags!

As an added incentive during this event, any St'ers who identify themselves by their ST user names (i.e slipperfan, paphreek , e-spice, etc.) will receive a 20% discount off marked prices for Fox Valley items at check-out.


I'm very sorry you won't be able to make it, but at my age I can relate to the priority of family health issues. I'm hoping things might improve in time for next year's MOS show in Madison Heights.........


I look forward to meeting you as well; please introduce yourself when you arrive at Hausermann's.

Hopefully next year I wont be playing competitive paintball as much, that would free up lots of time and money!

Shame on you! You can't be spending your orchid dollars on paintball! :p

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As an added incentive for folks to visit us at Hausermann's, we will have Phrag. longifolium fma album 'Fox Valley Mint' (x self) seedlings with 10-12" leaf spans for $ 175/ea ($225 value), and Phrag. vittatum 'Birchwood' (x self) seedlings with 8-10" leaf spans for $125/ea ($ 195 value). We have approx. ten seedlings of each, so there's a limit of one (each) per customer and the 20% ST discount does not apply to the reduced prices.......