Cattleya cernua

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Nov 14, 2022
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This little species in my opinion is one of the true gems of the orchid world!! I have to make an effort to pay close attention to E2F27CE5-FEE3-4029-A343-2A158F298D2A.jpeg sales areas in early 2024. I have to reacquire this species. My collection seems empty without it.
For what ever this may be worth to everyone here, this species for me grew, or has grown, better for me, mounted on cork. It also performed better warmer in Florida then on Long Island in the Northeast. I have yet to try it under lights.
On cork and warmer, it produces 5-7 flowers per cluster and flowered 2-3 times a year.
Tree fern mounts were good too but a more ‘open’ piece, not one that is very hard and dense. I am assuming it liked the fact that a more open mount held more moisture.
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