Currently In bloom in my orchid room. Paphs, phals. Please look! I also want people to critique my photography!

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Like I said in title I’m an amateur photographer and I love photographing my orchids when in bloom..

I’m a Phal freak so the majority of my collection is novelties, (I know, most of you here are not a fan of phals), but I have some other genus too: paphs, cattleya, and maxillaria.

Just doing some shoots of some recent blooms here…

Also can anyone tell me, is it common for these type of “bulldog” paphs to have multiple flowers? I thought they bloom sequentially… but this one had 3 buds lined up, the third one blasted and the second bloom got squashed by its big brother.. lol
Nice blooms!

I agree with BigCatt that the background is all important. If you can use the depth of field control on your camera to blur the background it will emphasise the beauty of the flowers. You can use a tripod with timer release, single focus point on e.g. the lip of flower and shallow depth of field to get a sharp flower against a blurred background. Phone cameras often don't provide these kind of manual controls...

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