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It’s been a while…selling my collection

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Such a hard, but necessary decision to make. I'm sorry to
hear this. I'd love to help, but I live in KY and am only
interested in the Phrags. I wish you and your parents
Sucks that you have to sell, but you definitely have your hands full. Hope your Mom heals quickly. If you are unable to sell the collection whole I'm interested in ..covfefe. :evil:
PMing you.
thanks to everyone for your best wishes and your interest. Tom is local and got a group of you together to buy the collection--so I am going to go that route as it will allow me to move on as quickly as possible and allow a group of you to get some of these deals. I'm going to give him a call this afternoon to discuss the details of how he/we are going to handle it. He or I will let people know once we work out the details.
Thank you Denver and best of luck with everything. Your plants will be well appreciated.
Good evening everyone,

Denver- thank you for this very generous offer on a fine collection. In 2006, I faced a similar situation and I wish you all the best. When you are ready to grow Paphs again, just say the word and I am sure I will not be alone in sharing with you as you are sharing with us now.

To the forum- the deal has been consummated and I am retrieving the plants on Saturday evening. A group of five of us are sharing many of the plants, and I will take on the task of selling anything not claimed in this initial sharing.

There was no intentional snubbing of anyone- and apologies if that impression is felt. I merely reached out to 4 other people who had the longest wish lists so that I could avoid the risk of being left with a lot of extra plants for which I do not have space, or of juggling the wish lists of too many people.

I have never taken on the role of buying an entire orchid collection and sharing it around- but I did so in this case primarily because of the overall high quality of the plants and the fact they were well cared for. Every plant in this collection is worth having- and that is rare.

By this weekend, I will have finalized the lists for myself and the other 4 people whose interest prompted me to take the plunge. There are likely to be some very nice plants left still after this process, and a list will be posted for sale in this thread. I am not looking to profit from this arrangement, so updated pricing will reflect the discount our group received by purchasing the collection as a single unit.

For the two of you who have sent PMs as of the time of my posting this message, you will get advance notice and a day to ponder the list. For everyone else- first come first served, along with possible minimum orders, once the new list is posted- and I hope to post it by Monday evening.

I will take number 73 through to 86. Number 57. And Number 64. With shipping to 50613. Let me know the total.
Good evening everyone,

Just to follow up and close out- the collection has been purchased and shared among 6 forum members. All plants are now sold. I will endeavor to reply to any existing PMs in next couple of days with my thanks- if you have not heard from me before today, with apologies everything is sold.

As a matter of disclosure, you will see why in a moment, here is how the collection was handled.

I pulled the original listings into Excel from the postings of each plant and added up the total asking price (plus an estimate for "taking offers" plants.)

Next, for the group making the purchase, I reduced the asking price of each plant- ratably- to get to $1,200 total. The extra $200 over the $1,000 I paid was to cover any Paypal fees I incur when collecting from other buyers, plus give me some room to offer additional discounts off any plants left unsold after everyone took what they wanted (including me taking some plants at the same prices as others.)

Happily there were very few plants in the end that needed further discounts, and so once everyone pays it looks like we will collect about $1,100 before Paypal fees I may incur in collecting funds.

Heather- when I told Denver there might be some extra funds, he asked me to donate them to SOF. And that is what I will do. Next week after everything has shipped and I have collected funds, I will reach out to you to complete the donation, which I expect to be around $75.

Thank you again Denver for sharing your amazing collection- and also to fellow forum members for making the sharing process so smooth. I will have final inventories out by tomorrow evening in email and can ship a week from Monday.
Up to sender. I prefer the friends way since no fees and more for the forum, but I understand if people prefer the legal protection of a goods purchase. This is all on my personal PayPal account.
Thank you Eric- I have heard from almost everyone else too at this point and it looks like shipping went well.

Experienced as I am- the sheer size of some of these plants made packing a challenge, and I am glad to know everything is arriving in good condition.
Awesome, I'm glad to hear my plants made it out to everyone safely.

Many thanks to Tom for doing the shipping and I'm glad my collection got split among a group of you. If anyone has any questions about any of their new plants, PM and I'll try to stop by the forum so I can see them and respond.

And please send me a PM if you bloom any of the unbloomed ones so I can see the flowers.
Thank you Denver and Tom. I had surgery again last week so I am late on the reply. You did an excellent job with the multis Denver and I am stoked to see the TON roths bloom. Much appreciated and I wish you the best.