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For Sale 2 hybrid Paphs by Paph Paradise

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Jun 14, 2023
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I have a Paph. Tiny Tot 4N for sale, bred by Paph Paradise. 40$.

Also a Paph. (Enzan Red Hunting x Cocoa Burrhill) also by Paph Paradise. 80$.

The Tiny Tot is very healthy with one mature growth and 2-3 smaller fans growing. These are miniatures and very compact, in a 2 inch pot. Has not bloomed as of yet. Very very cute plant! I do not have a bloom photo but I grabbed one from Paph Paradise website.

The Enzan Red Hunting x Cocoa Burrhill is a bigger plant, it bloomed in December with 4 successive flowers, 2 of which fully bloomed, and the other two blasted. Very very big beautiful flower especially for a first bloomer. I’ll attach some photos. First photo of it was still opening, 2nd photo with new flower also coming in, was opened up. Was getting pushed a bit from the other flower.

I accept PayPal (goods and services - add 2% fee), and shipping is 15$ via UPS or USPS, whatever you so choose.


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