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      gego replied to the thread Paph. Lady Isabel.
      It does have more influence from stonei on the pouch and the roth used has influenced the size of the dorsal.
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      gego replied to the thread Paph. Lady Isabel.
      Roth was Kingkong. I need to get name for the stonei used. Kingkong was supposed to be huge, 7.2 DS.
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      gego posted the thread Paph. Lady Isabel in Paphiopedilum.
      I have about 20 plants from flask from Sam. 5 have flowered and some got sold. This one is my favorite in color and form and might be...
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      gego replied to the thread Paph haynaldianum.
      Here's another one but it developed outside when the temp already dropped to 40F and I was still out of the country to save it. This has...
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      • 20231107_145425.jpg
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