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      ORG replied to the thread Mini Multi-Florals?.
      The cross was sold by Popow. Here an example
      • Paphiopedilum Sandcanh -  sanderianum X canhii c.jpg
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      ORG replied to the thread hirsutissimum album.
      Where does the plant came from? China or Vietnam? It is difficult to decide if it is a true hirsutissimum or the var. esquirolei?
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      sounds well that so many interesting persons will come. There is also an interesting presentation of Franz Glanz together with me about...
      • Paphiopedilum Wössner Winston Magic 'Wössen' GM DOG (Paphiopedilum Winston Churchill x Paphiop...jpg
      • Paphiopedilum Wössner China Moon 'Franz' GM 2015 c mit Franz Glanz.jpg
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