Cattleya color form albo-oculata

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Nov 29, 2008
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Bloomington, MN
I do this post to avoid cluttering DrLeslieEe’s post on Cattleya warscewiczii semialba ‘Everest’ where I raised a question about a color form in a few Cattleyas called “albo-oculata”. Leslie’s definition of this term was “usually means a white flower with a dark dot inside the throat base”

My interest begins with a near blooming size seedling from an Orchids Limited remake of primary hybrid Cattleya Fabia, which was registered in 1894 as (labiata x dowiana). There was another Fabia registered in 1921 and an Rlc. Fabia in 1924 so this is a messy name for a hybrid.

My seedling was a cross of labiata (albo-oculata) x dowiana var. aurea ‘Jerry’s Best’. When I searched, I found a post on Orchid Board from Mauro Rosim in Brazil on Cattleya labiata albo-oculata where he said “the varietal name refers to the white areas on both sides of the lip forming two ‘eyes’ (oculata)”, and he showed the following picture.


The only other Cattleya noted to be albo-oculata I can find is a Cattleya skinneri albo-oculata in Lourens Grobler’s Flickr account that can be seen with the following link. This picture fits Leslie’s definition.

I found a few albo-oculatas in some non-orchid plant groups and they also seem to fit Leslie’s definition best. It doesn’t make sense that there would be a different definition of albo-oculata for labiata than for skinneri, so perhaps Mauro was mistaken.
Mauro might have used the wrong intended term. The picture you showed is just ‘oculata’, where the two yellow eyes converged as ONE eye.

Albo in front of the term will mean a white flower.

Caveat: Of course these are usually horticultural terms that can vary from person to person and by country to country. So Mauro can call it whatever he wants if he believes it is.