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Mar 4, 2010
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Columbus Ohio
Justin, you know I'm no native English speaker, therefore not completely familiar with your abbreviations and when I read your first post I thought NS (maybe natural size or spread) 27 mm......that's tiny and must be wrong. Maybe it's 27 cm? Then I dug up my ruler and thought....27 cm or 31 cm....this size is impossible for a P. rothschildianum flower. Anyway, with your post #11 you proved this size by your ruler and I stand completely in awe.
What impressive and huge flowers they are. 👌👌
On the other hand I know, you Amercians don't really live in the metric world. I think in your daily life you use more frequently inch, feet, mile and gallone than mm, cm, m and liter. So your lapsus is explainable.

You are correct Rudolph! My apologies :)

I was using the abbreviation NS for Natural Spread, which is the conventional American Orchid Society measurement for width of a flower without manually supporting the petals.

Thank you for the compliment :) best, Justin