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Well this is bold...

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Do you really think this? Pretty naive.

I'm not saying it's impossible. In fact, I would be quite surprised if this site wasn't being monitored. I'm just saying that EBay is far more public than Slippertalk, and you better believe that EBay is being monitored as well...

However, EBay is also a lot bigger, and it's possible that the sheer size creates some level of cover.

What's that famous Great Gatsby quote? "...I like large parties. They're so intimate." :p ...definitely applies

Moot point anyway though. If the seller does get a call from the MIB, then I highly doubt they would say definitively where they got the info from (since this would negate their ability to get future info from the same source).
Confiscated plants go to designated 'rescue' centers, which are usually publicly owned botanical institutions. I volunteered at one, repotting orchids, for 15 years. 95% of the plants received were obvious hybrid dendrobiums and such. All of the confiscated plants were in terrible condition form the delays, and nearly all died. From discussions with others in similar locations I gather the results are similar, with most plants being hybrids (which, I remind you, are NOT subject to CITES) and the death rates for true collected species being nearly 100%, with a few notable exceptions and successes.

CITES has been the most destructive force for extinction of orchids in situ ever.

Sad to hear, but not surprising unfortunately. With the wheels of bureaucracy turning as slowly as they do, by the time they get to a rescue center (if at all) they have probably been sitting in a box on a shelf for 2 months +...

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