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Grand Chupacabra
Dec 26, 2012
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Central North Carolina
Cymbidium Ethel Hamilton 'NH' 4N x Pumilum 'NH' 4N

Sadly, because I made the horrific mistake of ordering this from a scummy vendor (aka Seattle Orchids), I may never know the actual name of this Cymbidium. Rather than focus on how terrible of a vendor they are, I'd rather focus on how nice this plant has ended up being, even if I can't be certain of the name. Seattle Orchid has a history of sending me mislabeled plants at an unusually high rate (ex: over half the plants I've gotten from them have been mislabled). This plant was sold to me as Cymbidium Ethel Hamilton 'NH' 4N x Pumilum 'NH' 4N, but the label stated it is a slightly different hybrid, Cymbidium Ethel Hamilton 'NH' 4N x Pumilow. Their employee claims the website is correct, but the label is wrong. So, who knows the truth? Certainly not I.

After babying the sickly plant they sent for almost 5 years, it has finally bloomed for the first time. When the flowers first opened, I was honestly very disappointed. They are nothing special, given how much effort I have put into getting this plant back to good health and the fact that I have numerous other Cymbidiums of similar color and appearance that have been much easier to grow and more floriferous. However, once the flowers had been open for a few days and started to emit their fragrance, my opinion of this semi-NOID plant changed entirely! The flowers are nice and fragrant. To me they smell like orange flavored candy. It's quite pleasant. Just walking by the plant is enough to catch a whiff. Further, the flowers appear to be long lasting. This went from a plant that I assumed I'd be selling, giving away, or composting, to one of my favorites in my collection. Also nice that it appears to be blooming at a time of year when there aren't a lot of other Cymbs in bloom.


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