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For Sale Special offering - sold out

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May 14, 2017
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Dallas, TX
Good evening all,

It has been an eventful couple of months since I took delivery of my last parcel of Orchid Inn flasks and seedlings- I turned 50 yesterday (yikes!) and another field promotion happened on the career front now that we are making a major acquisition. To top it all off, the OI plants have been growing very nicely and a lot of the compots after 3-6 months are already soon in need of dividing into second phase compots. As I have said all along, the original plan to take on a lot of OI stock was intended for next year since I knew this year could be one of transitions. And so now that everything is established and acclimated, it is best I divest another chunk of plants so that I can focus my scarce time on the proper care of my own collection plus a few hundred OI plants for future blooming and resale. This time I am sticking with the Sigmatopetalums. I have spent little time in that space, and there are some very good crosses in hand. So I will be happy with those and offer up the rest.

Everything I am offering has been acclimated and starting to grow- but is not necessarily fully established yet. Meaning you will see new leaf growth but not necessarily a lot of new root growth just yet. The plants are fine for sale and transport at this stage, and they are priced to reflect the fact they are going out the door sooner than usual. Even so, out of respect for the trade in general and the unusualness of this offering- I do not want to post pricing here. Please let me know your email in a reply or in private message and I will send the list ASAP.

I have a good procedure for mailing young compots- individually in plastic food containers with cotton batting and an airhole- and the seedlings are best sent bare root. It is very hot in Texas right now, but not so much in many other parts of the US. I have mailed out several packages in the past 2 weeks with success- but if it is also very hot in your area, I am happy to reserve plants for you now and ship/take payment in a few weeks time at points where we see a bit a break in temperatures.

Below are photos of what is being offered to give you an idea and also a reference to see the plants. Given the very low prices and current shipping costs ($20 flat fee per order to help cover Fed-Ex Home Delivery), I must ask for a minimum purchase of 6 items - an item being either a single young compot or a parcel of seedlings. There are 37 individual compots/parcels for sale ranging from multifloral species to hybrids, a good bit of roth and a handful of great rarities like papuanum album.

Note also that the species I am keeping- I am keeping all of them. So you are not seeing a bunch of plants for sale after I hand select the best for me. If it is for sale, then everything I have for that cross is for sale.

6 item minimum purchase. Most compots are 2/3 of a flask, a few are the full flask. Seedling parcels have seedlings of variable size- most were one off parcels from Sam's final delivery. Buy 8-14 items, take 15% off. Buy 15+ items and take 25% off. Flat shipping fee of $25 per parcel. Paypal or Zelle is fine- prefer the latter if possible. Checks in the mail are fine too. I am happy to hold and ship later if weather is too extreme in your area. Strongly prefer to have all shipments out the door by the end of August.

If you request enough items to get a discount and some are already sold, you will get that full discount on whatever is available no matter how small your order ends up being. In this situation, it is also ok to purchase less than 6 items.

Many thanks are here are the photos- note not everything in the photos is on the sale lists. There are a few compots in there that had been in flask too long and are still acclimating. But 95% of what you see is available. Many of the compots are very light in color- that is not your imagination. They were under very high light for a time, but I have backed off since. They are growing well so I do not expect any long term issues and they are gradually coming back to more typical color levels.

Paphs 1.JPGPaphs 2.JPGPaphs 3.JPGPaphs 4.JPGPaphs 5.JPGPaphs 6.JPGPaphs 7.JPG
Thanks everyone- we are now officially sold out. For a couple of you that had items of interest pending replies to questions, all questions have been answered and everything you had on reservation is still yours to consider and take or reject in the next couple of days. A botanical garden will be taking the remainder of the unsold plants plus anything that was hold which is not ultimately claimed by the holder.

Appreciate everyone for your support. At the end of the year when I make big decisions about long term living plans (Dallas. Austin or NYC) and such, there may be an additional offering of secondary compots (5-6 big plants ready for singles) and individual seedlings- mostly of the Sigmatopetalum persuasion- and then I will go back to being a hobbyist occasionally selling extra seedlings for the foreseeable future.

I am not ruling out getting into the business- but after the last 6 months it is clear I need to do that AFTER retirement, or at least after leaving Wall Street. The Street never sleeps- and neither do those who serve it.

Best, Tom.

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