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Watch out for this buyer... Dennis Gomez

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All very valid points and I concede that it's my own d*mn fault for sending the plants without receiving payment first...:crazy:.

Like Bob mentioned, I did consider whether I could live with not getting the money and I took a gamble. I think I'll ask for a credit check and the buyer's first born child next time. :D
Thanks for the compliments Baodai! When it comes to Ebay, my attitude is I bid, I pay...that's it. Even when I screwed up and didn't notice a comma where a period should have been, and found myself winning an auction for way more than I had intended to bid, I ended up paying..it was my mistake, nobody else's...But sometimes things come up, and the solution is simply communication. Earlier this year I had tentatively made an order from Dean (Paphiness) and when my wife pointed out that we were in a tight spot financially, I had to cancel the order....there were no problems and the situation was understood. However, if the plant had been shipped already I would have paid regardless of situation. Take care, Eric
.....goldenrose summed it up best earlier!! Put a period and move on. :poke:
If your going to run a business then become business savvy. "Money in the door...items out the door." No credit/no layaway. If you send it without payment first then don't come crying when and if you get burned.

To everyone reading this post, I have recently been dealing with a serious illness of my mother and I am just returning again from California. I will have to return again soon as things are not improving. I have purchased other things with out fail and that has always been without problem. As you know life comes in between our beloved hobbies and our hobbies keep us from falling into chaos. I hope that everyone understands and not rush into judgement.

My Sincere apologies, I will keep my word and continue on with lifes challenges always with hope.


Dennis; with all due respect, you are not unique. Everyone has challenges and problems to deal with; but, not everyone orders plants, receives them and then gets so involved in their lives that they're too busy to pay their debts. It does NOT take that long to write a cheque and mail it. PAY YOUR DEBTS.
I just wanted to update the thread...Dennis has sent payment for the amount he owed me. Thank you Dennis. :)
Still waiting, Dennis.

Dennis, you had said you'd pay in August, but that has come and gone. I'm still waiting...
i join this forum to tell of Mr dennis gomez and his bad buying.
this man buys good from you, and makes you think he is trustworthy. no, he will cheat you! this man buys few plants, sent a money transfer for them, then ask that more orquids be shipped and he will send more money immediately. no, i am out a couple hundred dollars at least to this man. great excuses on why he can not send money. his family sick, or some other fake excuses. it been 2 years since i last heard from this buyer. it is funny i find now other peoples that have problem with him! he likes our laeliinae.
i come to post to make it known he is outstanding theif. i dare to challenge the wrongfulness of Mr Gomez.
for polite people of orquids, have a good day!
G. Carnevali
also, if Mr gomez decide to pay what owes to me, then i will make less my shouting of anger about his no payment. i let good plant divide go to him, blanca Cattleya araguaiensis.
Well, I still haven't heard from Dennis, though I have heard from a few other people that he has paid for plants he owed for. He seems to be a dead beat, so watch out. Again, I will post if he pays the money he owes...
I have not dealt with Dennis but have had an experience with a former member and moderator of this forum who is no longer active. I had dealt with him previously and had no problems. He offered me plants for sale, I paid him and never received the plants. Unfortunately, I am no longer the trusting person I was due to that incident.

I hope Dennis rectifies his debts for it is more than plants or money that are lost in these situations.