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Jul 8, 2014
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Pennsylvania, USA
Let's play "guess when the plant will bloom."
I'll post a pic of this Wössner Kolorand x rothschildianum every month until it blooms, and we'll see just how close we can get our guesses.

- Plant is currently 13.5in (34.3cm) leafspan

Here's what I predict:
- This Wössner Kolorand x roth needs four leaves of 20in (a bit less than 51cm) in length before it will bloom (this would equal a plant with a 34ish inch leafspan). It will carry more than 4 leaves at a time, of course, but the newest 4 need to be at least that big. That's approximately 203cm of leaf growth.

- But wait, because not all 203cm happens in succession! In my experience, multiflorals usually start a new leaf when the previous leaf is 3/5ths grown. 203 x .6 is about 122cm of growth.

- BUT WAIT lol. This plant is too young to produce 20in leaves, I would guess it is about 4 leaves away from that. In my experience, each leaf on a multifloral seedling is about 30% smaller than the leaf that comes next. So, in addition to that 122cm of growth that actually counts, we need to add the estimated size of the expected 4 baby leaves.

- 51 x .6 (because only the 3/5 that grows by itself matters) is 30.6
- From there, we multiply 30.6 x .7, then multiply the result by .7, and so on. When we do this, we get 21.4, 15, then 10.5, etc.

- BUUUUUT WAAAIIIITTT lmao. 10.5 is already within the size of the plant, so I used 15 twice. The result of adding the 4, rounded up, is 62cm. 62+122=184cm of meaningful growth before I predict it will bloom.

- Conservatively, this plant's average estimated growth is 1.5cm per week. Bit slower sometimes, bit faster sometimes.

- 184÷1.5=122.6 weeks, ÷ 52 weeks in a year = about 2.4 years to bloom

- It is likely that it will grow faster than an avg 1.5cm/week as it gets bigger, especially in summer, especially as I pull out all the stops in the last 6 months or so as I get antsy, so my prediction is:

2 years and 6 weeks from today


Post your guesses!

See you in March!


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Aug 6, 2014
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no hatred!!
I think your estimate is fairly accurate....kolorand produces new growths rapidly...and will bloom on multiple fans..roth are more predictable...your plant will be huge