Cymbidium goeringii "Fuji no Yuubae" (Japanese vareity with orange flower) 日本春蘭「富士の夕映」

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Mar 30, 2020
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Cymbidium goeringii "Fuji no Yuubae" (Japanese vareity with orange flower) 日本春蘭「富士の夕映」: A part of growing East Asian Cymbidium is to learn/know how to trouble shoot when sh*t happened. Last year, I went away on a vacation for a week in early/mid June and I forgot to move the plant from its Spring location to its Summer location, it received too much light, so when I came back, all the leaves turned yellow and fell. I immediately did emergency treatments and it has been recovering very nicely. On each Cymbidium goeringii growth, you want to have 5 leaves or more per growth (5 leaves is the standard), anything less than 5 leaves per growth is either not a mature growth or there is something wrong with the cultural conditions. Last year, it produced a not-so-good growth with 5 leaves. This year, it is producing a growth with 6 leaves. There is also something coming from the 6-leaves-growth below the soil, if it is a bud, I will snipped it off for this year. If it's a new fall growth, I will keep it. So with the correct potting material, it is possible to recover Cym goeringii in 1 growing season. So I cannot stress the importance of potting All the East Asian Cymbidiums (Cym. ensifolium, Cym. sinense, Cym. kanran. Cym. goeringii, Cym. tortisepalum, Cym. longibracteatum, and Cym faberi) in the East Asian Cymbium Mix, it does wonders.


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Can you define spring vs summer location for T and light?

Definition for the 4 seasons:
Spring: Mid March to Mid June
Summer: Mid June to Mid Sept (basically between Dragon Boat Festival and Moon festival =Summer, using the Chinese Lunar Calendar)
Fall: Mid Sept to Mid Dec
Winter: Mid Dec to Mid March

Spring: 70% shade, temp average around 15C-20C (daily high), (diurnal range 5C)
Summer: 90% shade, temp between 25C-30C (daily low), (diurnal range 5C)
Fall: 70% shade, temp between 15C-20 (daily high), (diurnal range 5C)
Winter:70% shade, temp must be always between 0C-10C for 45-60 days at all time
The perfect diurnal range between day and night should be 5C, but it's not possible in Toronto, Canada.

I grow them outdoor from first week of May to first week of November outdoor.

2nd week of November to last week of April = indoor underlight. Underlight, the light is not very strong, as long as you follow the temperature requirements, it doesn't really matter.

When I grow outdoor, Spring/fall light condition is morning sun only, from sunrise until 10:30am-11am, do not pass 11 am.
When I grow outdoor, summer condition is morning sun only, from sunrise until 8am-8:30am, do not pass 9am.
I move the plants around according to the season so they receive different amount/intensity of light at the time when they can receive light.
In the spring/fall, they can receive stronger sunlight because the sun is lower. In the summer, they receive weaker sunlight because the sun is higher.