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Aug 14, 2014
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New York City
The second bud is opening while the first flower is still on. This never happened for this particular plant. Hmmm it could either be too crowded or look just right. 😁
Paphiopedilum Wössner Favourite (hangianum x leucochilum) is my current favorite flower in bloom.
Very fragrant!! 😍 You must log in to view large image.B9A9E76C-7C71-4161-A107-C45AB180878E.jpeg
Wow! Amazingly beautiful 😍
I love yellow flowers. Daffodils, Primrose, Sunflowers, armeniacum, Dancing Lady, pumpkin soup....Well, pretty much yellow anything. I probably have ten yellow shirts! just bought two pairs of the same yellow shoes in case one wear out fast and I have backup right away. lol

It has always been a good grower and bloomer for me in the last few years, only now it is growing in two directions with another new growth showing a sheath. It's already a little clump. :)
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Yes, but sadly it also means the end is near.
The flower starts out cream color like that on the second flower that is opening up in the photo.
The color gradually ripens but only in its final week, it is this deep golden yellow. I see a couple of brown spots on the side of the flower already. but I have enjoyed this flower for a few weeks now and the new flower is opening up.
One goes and another comes. :)
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Very nice! Mine bloomed earlier this year and had no scent. Does it normally?
I only have two plants of this hybrid.
Both of mine are fragrant although the flowers on this plant is significantly more fragrant than the other one, so I can only imagine that some might not have it at all. Leucochilum isn't fragrant. Or should I say rather stinky if at all? lol
Not usually a fan of this line of breeding, but this is stunning! Congrats!

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