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For Sale Various Orchids- ALL SOLD

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New Member
Nov 20, 2022
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Pennsylvania, USA
Looking for potential buyers willing to pick up several orchids that I would like to sell/give away. I live in northcentral PA so anyone willing to travel to my address can have them. If I don't get any takers, I will consider shipping them eventually (will increase the price). I will also be posting this on a FB group to get a bigger audience since it'll be more difficult to sell them this way. Below are orchids that I want to give away because I am a bit overwhelmed with my collection. I am starting to downsize and these are the first lot to go. Some of these are not doing well under my care and I have been neglecting them due to the large number of orchids I have and my particular set up. I have heavily discounted the ones that are not doing that well. Please PM me for more details if interested.

Brassada Orange Delight Hilo Sparkle-$5
Brsda. Orange Delight Hilo Sparkle.JPG

Bulbophyllum arfakianum-$15
Bulbophyllum arfakianum.JPG

Bulbophyllum dearei-$15
Bulbophyllum dearei.JPG

Bulbophyllum tingabarinum var aurea-$15
Bulbophyllum tingabarinum var aurea.JPG

Dendrobium Pauline Rankin-$15
Dendrobium Pauline Rankin.JPG

Oncidioda Jimbo Swarm-$10
Oncidioda Jimbo Swarm.JPG

Paphiopedilum Irish Lovely-$10
Paphiopedilum Irish Lovely.JPG

Phragmipedium Demetria- $5 (poor condition)
Phragmipedium Demetria.JPG

Trichocentrum (Oncidium) cebolleta-$15
Trichocentrum (Oncidium) cebolleta.JPG
Hello, and I hear ya! I've been keeping my collection a little more reasonable. I'd be interested in several of your plants. Can you email me? Much easier to correspond. I'll pm you.

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