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For Sale Parcels for sale at very low prices- update - all lots now sold. Thank you!

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May 14, 2017
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Dallas, TX
Good evening everyone,

For a variety of reasons, I need to narrow my focus a bit. The local show scene has changed a lot since COVID plus with the unfortunate recent passing of Meir Moses, I need to dedicate a good bit of my growing space to stem props I am making of a lot of his breeding plants to share with Phal breeders. In other words, I am still growing personally but transitioning out of selling at shows as a side business to focus on more important goals.

Following are the parcels I have put together at very low prices. The offer is good until midnight Saturday October 29th, and my plan is to pack plants on the 30th and put them in the mail Monday October 31st. I am open to reasonable offers for multiple parcels, and to counteroffers in general on anything unsold as of Wednesday the 26th. Please send PMs- I will be checking often throughout the day so I can reply promptly.

UPDATE 10-25-22 12PM - All have sold. Thank you! I appreciate it very much.
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Apologies everyone- today has been nuts at work. The Paph roth and Phals sold in the wee hours of the morning and have been shipped. I will reach out to everyone who has PMed at some point this afternoon. Thank you for the interest- very much appreciated!
"Good luck with the transition and narrowing of focus. While it sounds unexpected, it seems very fulfilling."

Thank you- appreciate your kind words. Honestly my orchid growing and love of orchids has not changed, but my interest in selling them as a side income and being actively involved in an orchid society has changed.

When I first joined this forum several years ago, I had been happily growing on my own and talking orchids on forums for many years. And I remember reading a thread talking about whether the local society was still of use. At the time, I thought it was- and suppose it is for many- but now after spending a couple of years immersed in that, I have found the whole tone of the organized orchid world from the AOS on down has changed dramatically since I was actively involved from the early 80s (at age 9) up until around 2005.

I have made many new friends this way, but the politics at a time when the hobby is not as prestigious as it once was are just so ridiculous to me. Plus I find it much more meaningful to come here and see photos and read accounts of actual growing from fellow members. A society meeting is not well equipped to accomodate that kind of interaction.